How to care your leather Sofa?

How to care your leather Sofa?

Maintaining your Leather furniture is an important task at home for many. The outlook leather furniture displays could never be matched with that of any other modern furniture. But when it comes to getting it maintained for a good long time, it requires patience and knowledge. Let us discuss on how to take care of your Leather sofa.

Sofas are meant to offer a cherishing look to your living room. Sofas are the first thing guests, friends, neighbours and anyone who visits our homes notice as the first thing when they enter in. It provides an exquisite look to guests. The type of sofa you have got in your homes also decide on the look it attracts. Leather sofas are always first on providing a rich look to guests. But when your leather sofa looks out of shape or on the other side of looking good, then its time you got to care for your major highlighting factor of your living room.

Cleaning your Leather Sofa

Cleaning your leather sofa is an important thing to carry out periodically. Having a good and an authorized leather sofa cleaner is the first thing you got to have at home. If you are out of the leather sofa cleaner, then distilled water could save the day. Take a soft cloth preferably clear cotton cloth. Just wipe out dust and clean the surface of the leather sofa gently with the cloth and distilled water.

Cleaning Spills from Sofa

Cleaning food spills from your leather sofa is another task which requires exemplary attention. Take a spoon full of baking soda and Vinegar. Just wipe out the spills with a brush gently. Repeat the procedure multiple times. In 3 or 4 repetitions, the spills would start vanishing.

Leather Sofa Lotion

Leather sofa Lotion is another liquid type which is available in the market. Use the lotion as prescribed in the manual. It could be a better alternate for soap and soap related liquids that are not meant for cleaning your leather sofa.


In case of damage or tear of leather, contact your nearest furniture dealer or technician who could repair and let the sofa has its shine maintained. In case of a wear and tear, the technician could well offer a polished look.


Vacuuming your sofa could well remove dirt, dust and other tiny particles which holds on to the surface of the leather sofa. In some cases, mini dents can also be removed by exterior vacuuming of Leather sofa.

Maintaining Leather Sofa

Other than helping your sofa maintaining its fresh look, it is equally important and essential to maintain it wisely. Leather sofas are not meant to go well with extreme heat or extreme cold conditions. So, the next time you are at home, ensure that you turn off your Air conditioner on time and not let the summer heat ruin your sofa.

Periodical Service

Yes. Your leather sofa also requires its due. You are right. A periodical service from a branded and authorized service technician means, your sofa could have a fresh breath and a grand makeover every time. Treat your grand sofa in the right way.


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