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Your dream home speaks a lot about yourselves. You have all choices from over millions of furniture manufacturers and designers around the world. Designer furniture makers have wide varieties of furniture models like chairs, tables, sofas, dining tables, kitchen utility tables, outdoor utility furnitures, tea tables, visitor lounges and much more. Arm Chairs, Lounges, Computer tables, Divan, Single cot, double cot and Master Bed cots are available with latest artistic carvings. Sofa’[s are an essential part of our homes. From wire threaded sofas to cushion, they’ve went through remarkable change. From a couple sofas to a large sofa accommodating over half a dozen members, we have got all that you need for your dream home. Corner Sofas, Modular sofas, Chaises lounges, Leather/ Wool Sofas, Velvet Sofas, etc are some of the people’s choices. Check out some of our stylish and design sofa online.

Designer Chairs are available with world class quality at Seating World. Living room chairs, computer chairs, visitor chairs, Reclining Chairs, Balcony sit outs and teak made individual chairs are also available with us. The idea of owning Chairs along with sofas offer a superior look to your living room. Mesmerize your living area with designer sofas along with chairs. Greet your guests like a king on your Chair. Become a perfect host by bringing exceptional chairs and sofas from Seating World. Entering further in to the home Wonderful Kitchen furniture offers a chance to please your better half back home. Latest variety dining tables are available along with dining table chairs at Seating World. Dining tables come in different sizes. Round tables, Rectangle tables, Glass tables and wooden tables are available. Wooden Furnitures outnumber all ages. Teak and Rosewood tables form everlasting interest in some families.

Apart from the above mentioned varieties, Dressing table set with chair and without chairs, with mirror and customization are available. Coffee tables, utility tables and chairs are also available at attractive prices. Bar Stools and designer mirrors are additional show stoppers offering star appeal to your private area at home. Lounge chairs with cushion and mattresses according to your expectations are available at Seating World. Enter Seating World online or visit us at location to watch out for some of the new varieties. Be special; sport your living area with some of the best furnitures.

Seating World is a leader in manufacturing home and office furniture requirements. Headquartered in Chennai, the best online home furniture depot’s motto is that we always understood our customers mind to offer the best and make your home your favorite destination. Nearing 2 decades of presence in the industry of wholesale manufacturing and supplying Furnitures, we have understood the different sectors of people and their needs.

Things to Keep in Mind while buying a Sofa

Buying Sofa is an exciting affair. If you are looking to buy a brand new Sofa for your Office reception or for your Living room, we bring you the important things to keep in mind. Be selective for the purpose you buy. A Sofa in an office could seat visitors, clients and executives. At home it could be the most comfortable luxury furniture. Watching a Cricket match with our family on a Sofa is a special feel. While buying a Sofa, the first thing to remember is that the product should last long. Probably the one thing that we enquire with the salesman is this big thing. If the Sofa you buy is for living room, it requires different criteria when compared to an outdoor etiquette. Buying Sofa as a single multi-seater differs from buying a Sofa set. If the sofa you buy is to sport your living room, then you may go forward to flaunt your living area with a trendy sofa. If you are a classy person and like to pick your sofa without too much of a fuss, go for a traditional /classic sofa type.


There are Single as well as 2/3/5/7 seater sofas based on your needs. Buy the best sofa set with expert advice on Seating World. The Comfort and Style of the Sofa differs based on the fabric, the internal factors like spring and filling. So the Sofa fabric is also to be checked while buying. Go for Polyurethane foam filling Sofa rather than other fillings as they could deliver a long life. Go for a jumbo size sofa if you have a large living room. If your living room is a bit small, you may opt for a stylish mini contemporary sofa set. While selecting the Color of the Sofa, choose the right one which fits your home. Select the Sofa with the right fabric and texture. The right color pattern and the exquisite presence of your stylish sofa in the living room make your home special. Linen and Cotton fabrics have a separate love for Sofa. So make sure the Sofa you buy comprises of either Cotton or Linen material. A Quality Sofa material could also be bought online. At seating world, you’ve got a variety of Sofa’s online with latest designs and trend.


Seating World offers exemplary designs and features in Household Furnitures like Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Dining Tables, Dressing Tables, Dressing Table with Mirrors, Recliners and Relaxing Chairs, Mattresses and Office requirements like Workstation chairs, Office Chairs, Executive Chairs, Visitor Sofa, Conference Chairs & Tables, Cafeteria furniture, etc.,

How to find the quality of the Furniture

Furniture’s at home or a commercial establishment plays a vital role as it marks the first impression of the place. Gone are the days where only Chairs and tables were the only requirements of an individual or an organization. Today, even a common man has a unique idea of owning a fancy or indeed latest furniture for his home or for his/ her office space. Technology and innovation has played its part in the design and manufacture of home and office furniture’s. Furniture’s designed for Household utility has evolved a major transition from time to time. With close to a decade experience in the field of furniture’s, Seating World has been a name to watch out for. Even without much of a hype or marketing, we’ve been the people’s choice for best quality furniture’s. Let us draw focus on how to choose furniture’s for your home or business purpose.


         The most sought doubt at the back of almost every Furniture buyer is to find whether the quality of the furniture displayed is tested and verified. Some would also be interested in knowing more about the quality policy and endurance test results prior to the purchase. To everyone willing to know more about the above questions, Seating world has an answer. We undertake furniture operations with trusted and reliable source. All our products adhere to the entrusted quality policy explained by our professionals while on display. Our dedication and success in the industry is a sheer highlight of our motto which is to provide quality product to public.


        Seating world is keen on dealing with the best like Chairs, Tables, Cupboard and Shelf blocks, Cot, cushion couch (Divan), Luxury sofas, Commercial Chairs, Household fancy chairs, office desks and office designer furniture’s with customized set up. All our materials are made of quality wood and raw materials. Right from Living Room Sofas to Latest design dining table, complete Home furniture requirements are served at Seating world. On commercial part, we handle various clients at distinguished levels. We cater to the needs of Commercial sector units such as office, restaurant, Educational and Economic institutions, Areas of General Business interest etc.,


Now for all those waiting to know how to find the quality of furniture’s, we offer you a few tips that could be useful the next time you step into a furniture outlet. Here you go!

1) Check out comfort levels with the furniture you think of buying.

           If you think of buying a sofa, make sure you feel comfortable. Make sure you are comfortable on a sofa, couch, Chair, Workstation chair, Lobby desk, Computer table, Etc., the height for tables should go well with the purpose of your purchase with respect to the height and utility accordingly at home or at Office.


2) In case of commercial cupboards or shelves check the furniture durability with all its service utilities moving accordingly to its purpose.

          If you find any abnormalities you might well clear your doubts with the floor Engineer. Durability is first followed by utility in the list to be remembered while buying an office furniture.


3) Have you queried resolved before opting to buy furniture’s for your little ones back home or a few latest model innovative furniture.

          You could save more if you understand about these types of furniture before buying. Because there could be another innovative good-looking chair that’s available which could add glimpse to your living room or verandah.


4) Visit Seating world Kilpauk for mind blowing furniture’s at astonishing price with expert suggestions.


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Ways to improve your dining room

The dining room is such a special room in your home. It serves as a space where meals are shared as a family. Over time it creates wonderful memories of bonding for all the members of the household.
The way in which you decorate your dining room can supplement the positive energy during meal times. It will also make it a pleasure for you to entertain friends and guests in your dining room.
In modern apartments today the dining area is either a separate room entirely or it may be an extension of your living room space.


Make your dining table the center of attention

The dining table should be the main highlight of your dining room or area though you may have other furniture for storage. Investing in a table made of good wood with minimal embellishments will make your dining room inviting and contemporary. Keeping the table simple rather than highly decorative helps make the area look neater as there are many other elements other than just the table in the room. Otherwise the area will begin to look very crowded.

Find a table that is of a size that is apt for your room. Your dining table should allow ample space for movement around it.  It is recommended that you have a dining table to wall allowance of about four feet.

A rectangular table always makes your room look modern and stylish. It should be your first choice.

For smaller spaces you can opt for a small round pedestal table as it fits into spaces and does not have sharp edges. Remember that a large round table will make reaching for items on the table difficult.


Adequate lighting

A dining room that is brightly (but not harshly) lit, preferably by natural light through the day and good lighting in the night will lift the mood of your dining room immensely.


Keep the dining area clutter free

Do have storage in the dining area where plates, cutlery, condiments and other items can be store. Otherwise with no other option these things are left on the table, making an otherwise beautiful dining area appear to be a mess.


Decorate your room

An inexpensive way to bring in zest to your simple but classy dining table is to buy nice tablecloth, tablemats and napkins. A centerpiece like a vase of fresh flowers can add a touch of luxury to your room.

Hang some beautiful paintings or prints of nature to give the room a lift.


Bring in separation when living and dining room are one

If your dining area is an extension of the living area then create some separation between the two. To separate or divide space you can use a room divider. Room dividers with a simple finish are ideal. If they are wooden make sure the finish is the same as other woodwork in the room or compliments it.  Room dividers also offer privacy for family members who are having a meal.

To visually separate the two spaces you could use a different wall colour for at least one wall in the dining area. Choose a fresh, light, pastel colour for your dining area rather than heavy dark colours like maroon, or dark green.

Another way is to have a difference in flooring of the two areas. For example have parquet flooring for the dining area and tiles for the living area. Or simply use a rug in the one of the two spaces.

If you are looking for furniture in modern designs for home and office visit They have been manufacturing quality furniture in Chennai for over 16 years. They use the latest equipment and are committed to making durable, quality products that offer the best comfort in seating.

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